SQL Angeles is a Korean LA/OC IT community group that is studying various IT technologies and sharing the communication among members. We operate various study group (database, programming, and machine learning) and many people are active in the group. We are all pursuing nonprofits and volunteering for each group leader. We will recruit more people and do more service. And we will grow.

Sung Wook Kang


Database Engineer
Microsoft MVP (2012 ~ Present)
Email : kangstar05@hotmail.com

Simon Cho


Database EngineerDevOps Engineer
Visa Inc. Staff Database Engineer
Email : simon@simonsql.com

Handol Park

ML LAB Leader

Wannabe Machine Learning Engineer

Joseph S. Kim

Developers Group Leader

Web & Mobile Web
Serverless Architecture
Data Visualization

Dong kyu Yoo

Security Manager

Senior Security Engineer
Infra, Game Security Operations
Reverse Engineering
Interested in data analysis and automation

Sammy Jang

Site Manager

UI/UX Designer

Jae Young Seung

Group Staff

Online Marketer
Interested in Data Science and Machine Learning